Analyst – International Unit

The Commissioner’s Office and the International Unit

The International Unit, part of the Strategy & Economics team, resides within the Commissioners’ Office and the principal areas of responsibility are:

  • The Strategic planning process;
  • Research;
  • Data;
  • Economic Advice and professional leadership of economics; and,
  • International Activities.

In practice these five distinct roles operate in a complementary and overlapping fashion.

Working cross-organisationally. the International Unit is largely involved in the activities of the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC), which contributes to the development and better functioning of the internal market for electronic communications networks and services. It does so, by aiming to ensure a consistent application of the EU regulatory framework and by aiming to promote an effective internal market in the European telecoms sector. Furthermore, BEREC assists the EU Commission and the national regulatory authorities (NRAs) from other Member States in implementing the EU regulatory framework for electronic communications.

Digital legislation and sustainability initiatives are becoming increasingly important topics at both a European and national level. ComReg and the International Unit are monitoring EU-level policy proposals, in particular:

The Role – Analyst

Reporting to and supporting the Head of International Unit, the successful candidate will play a key role in all aspects of the International Unit’s activities. More specifically the individual will be responsible for the following tasks:

  • Represent ComReg on an international stage, including at BEREC meetings.
  • Actively participate in the activities of BEREC working groups, including the preparation of reports, guidelines and best practices.
  • Support and co-ordinate contributions by other ComReg employees to BEREC projects.
  • Prepare briefings and speaking notes on a broad range of topics related to the electronic communications sector, sustainability and digital regulation.
  • Support and arrange bilateral contacts with other NRAs.
  • Assist in the organisation of meetings, including engaging with external speakers/moderators.
  • Coordinate ComReg’s input and responses to periodic questionnaires and reports from the EU Commission, BEREC members and other international organisations.

Qualifications and Experience

Essential Experience and Knowledge

  • Degree in economics, business or finance, or other equivalent qualification.
  • Experience in managing small to medium size projects to successful outcomes.
  • Excellent drafting and communication skills, with the ability to draft documentation in a rational, evidence-based, clear and concise manner.
  • Excellent analytical abilities, including the ability to make reasoned judgements based on available information.
  • Relevant post-graduate work experience, including experience in a multidisciplinary environment.


  • Postgraduate qualifications in economics, business or finance, or other equivalent qualification.
  • Familiarity with the national/EU legal framework for the electronic communications sector, under which ComReg operates.
  • Familiarity with EU and Ireland’s climate and sustainability legislation and policies.
  • Familiarity with the development of EU-level digital legislative initiatives.
  • Experience working in organisational networks.
  • Excellent presentation skills.

Core Competencies & Skills for the Role

In addition to your technical qualifications and experience, you will bring professional competencies and skills in the following core areas:

  • Planning & Organising: Establishes and monitors priorities, systematically differentiating between urgent, important and unimportant. Manages activities to deliver results. Meets objectives within predetermined time frames.
  • Drafting: Uses a logical structure to draft documents. Communicates complex and technical information clearly and concisely. Ensures key messages are understood and have the desired impact on the target audience.
  • Technical Knowledge: Possesses a command over the technical and professional skills for a particular discipline. Keeps an open mind.  Demonstrates commitment to continuous professional development.
  • People Skills: Uses interpersonal skills to create engagement and clarity. Manages conflict and implements practical solutions. Recognises the impact of own behaviour and adjusts as required. Actively develops others.
  • Communicating & Influencing: Communicates clearly, confidently and respectfully. Engages, persuades and convinces others to follow a particular course of action. Ensures all relevant parties are appropriately updated and notified.
  • Teamwork: Promotes and enhances team performance through working collaboratively and in cooperation with others to achieve goals. Interacts in a manner that builds respect and fosters trust.

How To Apply

This position is now closed.