Manager – Spectrum International

ComReg Overview

We are the statutory body with responsibility, amongst others, for the management of the radio spectrum resource. We are a professional, multi-disciplinary organisation, operating in a dynamic telecommunications environment that is constantly evolving. Our Mission – at the heart of everything we do is facilitating the development of a competitive communications sector in Ireland attracting investment, encouraging innovation and empowering consumers to choose and use communications services with confidence.


The Spectrum International Unit

The role of the Spectrum International (“SI”) unit is to facilitate the harmonisation of the radio spectrum resource in international fora as well as co-ordinate the involvement of the Market Framework Division in the co-ordination of spectrum usage at international radio spectrum management fora, such as the CEPT, the RSPG, BEREC and the ITU.

As a consequence of new strategic objectives and tasks this unit is currently expanding and is currently seeking a manager with experience of the international spectrum environment.

The Role

The Manager – Spectrum International will be:


  • Responsible for ensuring the harmonisation of the use of the radio spectrum resource at the international level;
  • Responsible for supporting the work of the CEPT and the RSPG;
  • Providing day to day management of unit members who are direct reports;
  • Mentoring and coach direct reports and engineers in the division to enable the effective management of the radio spectrum resource at the international level;
  • Providing expert technical knowledge of radio engineering and radio spectrum management to support ComReg’s strategic decision making;
  • Developing and maintaining relationships, both formally and informally with management across the division to ensure international spectrum management aspects are considered in the work of the division;
  • Developing and maintaining relationships, liaise with and influencing senior staff within National and International Stakeholders, including but not limited to DECC, BEREC, the RSPG and the European Commission;
  • Providing input and support as necessary to the preparation and implementation of ComReg Strategy Statements;
  • Managing the development of MoUs with the UK and NI and well as with EU Member States; and
  • Required to undertake international travel as an essential part of this role.



Qualifications and Experience

Essential Experience/Knowledge

  • A level 8 degree or higher on the National Framework of Qualifications in science, physics, engineering, or another equivalent area/s;
  • Demonstrable technical expert level experience in radio engineering fundamentals;
  • A demonstrable knowledge of wireless electronic communications technologies, networks, and services;
  • A demonstrable knowledge of spectrum management techniques and processes with particular focus on mobile and broadcasting services; and
  • Demonstrable experience in leading and/or supervising the delivery of projects.


  • Involvement as part of an Administration in the work of the ITU-R sector and/or the CEPT, and/or the EU;
  • Detailed knowledge of the structure, processes and procedures used by relevant spectrum management bodies and fora;
  • A proven ability to apply analytical and critical thinking techniques to solving problems quickly and effectively;
  • Excellent written communications skills with experience in drafting documents for use in spectrum management fora;
  • Experience of providing strategic direction in a technical environment; and
  • Demonstrable ability to manage long term negotiations.


Core Competencies & Skills for the Role

  • Strategy and Leadership: Articulates future developments and applies this to operational situations. Creates a climate of cooperation and respect, where people strive to achieve common organisational goals and share knowledge. Takes a broad view.
  • Communication and Influencing: Communicates clearly, confidently, and respectfully. While engaging and influencing others to follow a particular course of action. Ensures all relevant parties are appropriately updated and notified.
  • Technical Knowledge & Continuous Improvement: Possesses a command over the technical and professional skills for a particular discipline. Keeps an open mind. Demonstrates commitment to continuous professional development.
  • Planning and Organising: Establishes and monitors priorities, systematically differentiating between urgent, important, and unimportant tasks. Plans and manages activities to consistently deliver results. Meets objectives within agreed time frames and deals with urgent operational situations expeditiously.
  • Contextual Understanding: Understands the regulatory, legislative, political, industrial, economic, societal, and cultural environment within which ComReg operates. Uses this understanding to interact effectively. Considers the wider impact of actions and decisions.

Please note  

We hope that our recruitment process supports applications from candidates with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. We understand that having a diverse workforce contributes to making us stronger as an organisation. We are committed to positively supporting candidates with disabilities.

Please let us know if there are any reasonable accommodations we can make to enable you to take part in the process by creating the environment to give you the best opportunity to show your strengths and competencies. Rest assured that whatever information you disclose will only be used to enable us to provide the necessary support and will never have a bearing on the outcome of the process.

ComReg assesses all applicants fairly based on the requirements for the role. Due to the high volume of applications we receive for positions, we are unable to provide feedback to candidates who are not shortlisted for interview. If you are short-listed for interview, and are subsequently unsuccessful, you can request verbal feedback from your recruitment contact – if you are represented by an agency.

Candidates should note that canvassing will disqualify

How To Apply

Please click here to apply before 19th  July 2024

Check out the Recruitment section of our Careers website if you have any questions or need further information about the role or the recruitment process – /about/careers/recruitment-faq/