Radio Spectrum

Radio spectrum is a finite valuable natural resource that is an essential input for many important services and applications. These include radio and TV broadcasting, mobile communications, wireless broadband services, the safe operation of air and maritime transport and the day-to-day operation of emergency services.

Radio spectrum management involves the careful consideration of a broad range of factors (e.g. administrative, regulatory, social, economic and technical) with a view to ensuring that radio spectrum is optimally and efficiently used.

To assist ComReg’s management of the radio spectrum, ComReg regularly sets out and updates its strategy for managing the radio spectrum.

ComReg’s radio spectrum management strategy:

  • is developed in the context of the global, regional (European) and national regulatory framework that governs spectrum use in Ireland;
  • considers the potential demand for radio spectrum in Ireland from the diverse range of actual and potential spectrum users;
  • sets out ComReg’s proposed spectrum work plan activities for the coming two-year time period for various services such as mobile, nomadic and fixed wireless broadband, broadcasting, radio links, business radio, short range devices, satellite, radio amateur, aeronautical, defence maritime and scientific services; and
  • sets out ComReg’s current thinking on a number of prevailing spectrum management issues, such as the use of auctions, licence duration and fees for spectrum rights.

ComReg’s Radio Spectrum Management Strategy 2022 – 2024.

ComReg 21-136 Radio Spectrum Management Strategy 2022-2024 Design Version

Ráiteas Straitéise Bainistíochta Speictrim 2022-2024 (Leagan deartha)

Summary Versions (Gaeilge & English ) of the 2022-2024 Radio Spectrum Strategy

Achoimre Ráiteas Straitéise Bainistíochta Speictrim 2022-2024

Radio Spectrum Strategy Summary 2022-2024 in English