What can I do about unsolicited mail?

ComReg does not regulate unsolicited mail, however you might want to consider the following steps to help stop unsolicited mail :

  • Put a sticker on your letter box that states you don’t want unaddressed mail (or ‘junk mail’) to be delivered to you. For example, write ‘no unaddressed mail please’. Unaddressed mail put into your letter box or mail addressed to “the occupant”, “the resident” or “the householder” does not necessarily involve the use of personal data and consequently data protection legislation does not apply.
  • For mail received through your letter box to be considered to be direct marketing it must be addressed to a named person and must be promoting a product or service. If you do not want to receive direct marketing, you have a right to notify the sender that you object to receiving such material. It is against the law for an organisation not to respect a written request from you. If you continue to receive marketing after you have objected you can contact the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner or review their blog ‘What you need to know about direct marketing‘.