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An Post

An Post’s complaints procedures are available on its website: Feedback & Complaints

An Post’s complaints procedures are available in a pdf of the An Post Code of Practice ‘Getting it sorted – Resolving your complaints’.

Step 1: Customer Services Contact Details:

All complaints should be formally lodged through any of the following methods:

An Post should acknowledge receipt of a complaint within 3 working days.

You should be provided with a unique reference number (usually starting with CS or WB) however if you are not provided with this ask the Customer Services Agent to confirm it.

An Post should resolve a complaint within the following time frames:

  • 30 days for complaints relating to postal packets posted within the State for delivery within the State
  • 40 days for international destinations where electronic communication can be used
  • 60 days for all other international complaints

Redress is available to postal service users who have made a complaint if the response times and /or maximum handling times are not met – for example if An Post do not resolve the complaint within these time frames, the consumer may be entitled to a payment of €15.

On completion of the An Post Customer Services review and its subsequent decision on the complaint the customer will receive a final response letter from the Customer Services Department of An Post which will clearly explain An Posts reasons for its decision.

This letter should advise that this is the final decision of Customer Services with regard to the complaint and that this completes Step 1 of the complaint process.

The letter should also advise postal service users who may remain dissatisfied with this decision that they can escalate a complaint to An Post’s Customer Advocate [Step 2] who will independently assess the procedures applied and the original decision of An Post Customer Services.

Step 2: An Post Customer Advocate Contact Details:

Postal service users whose feel their complaint remains unresolved, following completion of Step 1, have the option to send their complaint to An Post’s Customer Advocate (Step 2) to seek independent assessment of the complaint.

Postal Service Users should request this within 30 calendar days from the date of final decision communicated by An Post Customer Service (Step 1), unless exceptional circumstances can be proven.

An Post require postal service users who wish to request the Customer Advocate to assess their complaint, to submit it through either of the following methods:

The Customer Advocate must issue it’s Final response within 30 calendar days following your first contact

Other Authorised postal service providers

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