Regulation of Price

Regulation of An Post’s price of universal postal services

Tariffs for universal postal services must comply with the following requirements:

  1. Prices must be affordable so that all postal users may avail of the services provided
  2. Prices must be cost-oriented by taking account of, and reflect the cost of, providing the postal service or part of the postal service concerned
  3. Prices at single-piece tariff must comply with the uniform tariff requirement
  4. Tariffs must be transparent and non-discriminatory

ComReg does not have any statutory power to regulate the prices of universal postal services on an ex ante basis (before the prices are increased) – i.e. the universal postal service provider (currently An Post) alone can increase such prices, without requiring any advance approval from ComReg, and ComReg cannot limit the size of such price increases.

ComReg will continue to monitor An Post’s compliance, on an ex post (after the event) basis. Where ComReg considers that a universal postal service provider is not complying, or has failed to comply, with the tariff requirements, ComReg can give a direction to the universal postal service provider concerned to ensure compliance with the decision.

For further information please see: Information Notice 17/18 “Repeal of price cap control for universal postal services”