Complaining to your service provider


You should always contact your service provider first if you have a query or complaint.

The Regulations state that a service provider must have a code of practice for handling complaints.  Each service provider’s code sets out the procedure for making a complaint and the level of service that you as a customer can expect.


Service Provider Codes of Practice and Complaints Procedures


A service provider’s code of practice should provide for the following:

• The first point of contact for complainants
• A means of recording complaints
• A time frame within which the service provider concerned shall respond to complaints
• Procedures for resolving complaints
• Appropriate cases where reimbursement of payments, and payments in settlement of losses incurred, will be made
• The retention of records of complaints (for a period of not less than one year following the resolution of the complaint)

Service providers should provide a copy of their code of practice to any customer who requests a copy.  Most service providers have a copy available on their website.


What should I do when making a complaint to a service provider?


• Act promptly as there can be tight time frames within which complaints can be made
• Be specific that you wish to raise a complaint
• Be clear about the problem and give details
• Give the service provider a chance to raise your complaint
• Keep a record of the date and time that you make your complaint
• Ask if there is a specific complaint reference number for your complaint and make note of it
• Make a note of any promises made by your service provider


If you are not satisfied with the initial response to your complaint, you can request that the complaint is escalated to a higher level within the organisation, again how you do this should be outlined in the “code”.