Market Framework

Market Framework – Director: George Merrigan, BA (Mgmt), MSc (Mgmt)

Market Framework Director: George Merrigan, BA (Mgmt), MSc (Mgmt)

Market Framework is responsible for the following key areas:

  • Spectrum: the management of Ireland’s radio spectrum resource, over which all wireless communications (such as mobile phones, radars, radios, televisions, WiFi,  connected devices, etc.) take place. The management this valuable resource includes:
    • the allocation of spectrum bands and assignment of radio spectrum frequencies;
    • maintaining the integrity of Ireland’s radio spectrum by monitoring, compliance and enforcement activities;
    • the promotion of Ireland as an ideal location for spectrum development using Test and Trial Ireland; and
    • Day-to-day licensing – issuing approximately 3,500 new Wireless Telegraphy licences annually to various operators, public bodies, private companies and individuals.


  • International: Market Framework is responsible for representing ComReg at international radio spectrum management and numbering fora, such as the CEPT, RSPG, BEREC and the ITU.


  • Numbering: the management of Ireland’s National Numbering Scheme, to conserve this finite national resource, while ensuring that there is always an adequate supply of numbers to support the demands of existing and new service providers.


  • Network Operations is responsible for:
    • evaluating the resilience, security and integrity of electronic communications networks and services;
    • managing and collating the reporting of network incidents across all electronic communications networks and services;
    • liaising with State and International agencies – such as the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA), as appropriate, on matters related to network incidents;
    • generating the coverage maps for the ComReg outdoor mobile coverage map; and
    • providing technical support across ComReg in relation to electronic communications network issues, including the access, backhaul and core elements of networks.


  • Product Safety: ComReg is the sole Market Surveillance Authority (MSA) in Ireland for the Radio Equipment Directive (RED), Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC) and aspects of the Low Voltage Directive (LVD). Market surveillance of products is a requirement of the EU Single Market to ensure that products on the market are compliant with the applicable laws. The role of Market Framework’s Product Safety Unit is (amongst others) to:
    • protect the End-User and inform them of the risks presented by purchasing non-compliant products.
    • monitor and control the entry of relevant products into the State through engagement with relevant Economic Operators (e.g., manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers) and State authorities (e.g., Revenue (Customs) authorities, An Post etc.);
    • carry out, or commission the carrying out of, product evaluations and risk assessments; and
    • appropriately engage with the relevant Economic Operator/s (e.g., manufacturers, importers, distributors, retailers) to bring about timely and effective compliance, such as requiring corrective action, product withdrawals or product recalls etc.