Retail and Consumer Services

Retail and Consumer Services – Director: Barbara Delaney

Retail and Consumer Services – Director: Barbara Delaney

Retail and Consumer Services are responsible for the following key organisational functions;

Consumer Engagement

The aim of the Consumer Engagement team is to protect and empower consumers to make informed choices by maximising the effectiveness of our consumer information and communication.  We also aim to promote the interests of users within the community.

Consumer Policy

The Consumer Policy Unit undertakes measures to ensure consumer protection in the marketplace; the universal provision of telecommunications services and certain retail pricing responsibilities.

Consumer Care

ComReg’s Consumer Care team provides information to all consumers on communication issues and escalates complaints to service providers (electronic communications, postal and premium rate service providers).

Emergency Call Answering Service

ComReg’s responsibilities in respect of Ireland’s Emergency Call Answering Service (ECAS) include two key functions – to monitor the quality of service provided by the ECAS provider and to review the maximum call handling fee charged by the ECAS provider to operators.


ComReg’s regulatory remit includes ensuring the sustainable provision of a universal postal service, while providing all postal service users (consumers, small businesses, and large organisations) with the choice, quality, and innovation offered by a liberalised postal market.

Premium Rate Services

The Premium Rate Service (PRS) Section is responsible for carrying out investigations relating to the provision, content and promotion of PRS with the objective of protecting the interests of end users of PRS.  The Section also develops and implements policies for the PRS sector including a Code of Practice and a Levy, which are relevant to licensed PRS providers.