Samuel, Senior Spectrum Advisor

ComReg’s academic assistance programme is in my mind very forward thinking

Samuel, Senior Spectrum Advisor

Market Framework Division

I have spent the last 21 years working in ComReg as well as in its predecessor, the Office of the Director of Telecommunications Regulation (ODTR).

At the outset, as a spectrum management engineer with some experience, I was tasked to put in place several new items that were required under the legislation that established the regulator.  These included the table of frequency allocations (aka the Radio Frequency Plan) and the first radio spectrum management strategy statement. Over the last two decades there has been the opportunity to become involved with and understand numerous legacy systems, many new technologies and then to devise policy and licence regimes for each one.

Within the spectrum management arena, numerous opportunities came along to move into management, then senior management and then to be appointed as the advisor to the Commission on spectrum matters. The primary requirement for this position is extensive experience but it certainly helps to have degrees in radio engineering and management which provide a firm foundation.

‘ComReg’s academic assistance programme is in my mind very forward thinking.’

Perhaps more importantly, the exposure to so many different stakeholders and personalities has helped me move from being a die-hard engineer to a more fully rounded spectrum manager.

Spectrum management happens locally, regionally, and internationally and working at ComReg has exposed me at length to all three of these environments, bringing new challenges and stimulating situations that keeps on fuelling my interests and passion.