26 GHz Licences

26 GHz National Block Licences

On June 19 2018 the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) announced the outcome of the 26 GHz Spectrum Award 2018.

Fifteen national blocks have been licensed to 3 different Bidders. The newly awarded spectrum rights of use will support the requirement for Point-to-Point radio links, a critical piece of backbone infrastructure for Ireland’s mobile communications networks. Each licence will expire on the tenth anniversary of the commencement date.

 LicenseeLicence Commencement Licence ExpirySpectrum Assignment
Meteor Mobile Communications Ltd.02-Aug-1801-Aug-2824.969 – 25.109 GHz/ 25.977 – 26.117 GHz
Three Ireland (Hutchison) Ltd.02-Aug-1801-Aug-2824.829 – 24.969 GHz/ 25.837 – 25.977 GHz 
Vodafone Ireland Ltd.02-Aug-1801-Aug-2825.109 – 25.249 GHz/ 26.117 – 26.257 GHz

The regulations governing the 26 GHz Licences are the Wireless Telegraphy (National Point-to-Point) Regulations 2018 (S.I. 158 of 2018).

For further information please see ComReg Document 18/32 – the Information Memorandum, and ComReg Document 18/53 – Results of the 26 GHz Spectrum Award.