Radiodetermination Services

A Radiodetermination Services licence is required for the use and possession of apparatus for wireless telegraphy on the frequencies assigned for Radionavigation and Radiolocation.

“Radiodetermination” is defined by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) as the determination of the position, velocity and/or other characteristics of an object, or the obtaining of information relating to these parameters, by means of the propagation properties of radio waves.

There are 2 categories of Radiodetermination which are being licensed under the Regulations, both of these categories incorporate their individual service types. They are:

  • Radionavigation Systems
  • Radiolocation Systems

Radionavigation is defined by the ITU as Radiodetermination used for the purposes of navigation, including obstruction warning.

The ITU defines Radiolocation as Radiodetermination for purposes other than those of radionavigation.

The management of the Aeronautical spectrum in Ireland is carried out by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) while the management of the land based Maritime spectrum is carried out by ComReg.

A Radiodetermination Services Licence will only be granted by ComReg if the appropriate approval, including co-ordination, has been given by the relevant body IAA or the Commissioners of Irish Lights (CIL)).

A single Radiodetermination Services Licence will be granted in respect of any of the Radiodetermination Services system, or combination of systems, where the system or combination of systems is at one specific location and is owned and operated by a single person or body.

The licensing process will be co-ordinated with the IAA and the CIL, as appropriate.

Aeronautical Radionavigation

The operation and maintenance of wireless telegraphy systems for air navigation in Ireland is subject to approval by the IAA and is subject to international regulations, standards and recommended practices as detailed in Annex 10 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation.

Maritime Radionavigation

The CIL are responsible for the provision, superintendence and management of maritime aids to navigation (i.e. lighthouses, buoys, radio and radar beacons, leading lights etc.) throughout the whole island of Ireland and its adjacent seas and islands. All maritime radio aids to navigation established in Ireland must be done with the permission of the CIL by the issue of a Statutory Sanction.

For licensing purposes, Radionavigation systems fall into 2 distinct categories: Those systems employing aeronautical spectrum; e.g. aeronautical radionavigation and those using maritime spectrum e.g. maritime radionavigation.

The Table below lists some of the systems that will require a Radionavigation licence from ComReg. Parties with any queries in relation to systems other than those listed below should contact ComReg directly. ComReg reserves the right to amend this table to take into account new systems which may be brought into service in the future.


The ITU defines Radiolocation as Radiodetermination for purposes other than those of radionavigation. Several Radiolocation systems fall under the Radiolocation category for licensing by ComReg, including Radar, Racon, Loran C and Loran / eLoran. Radiolocation systems may operate within the aeronautical or maritime bands. Accordingly, the appropriate co-ordination and approvals must be confirmed by the relevant body prior to licensing.


More information can be found in our guidelines document – Radiodetermination, Air Traffic and Maritime Services Licence Guidelines – 11/07.

Application Form

To apply for a licence please download the relevant application form

Radiolocation – ComReg Document 11/07c.
Radionavigation – Comreg Document 11/07d.

Applications should be submitted via email to

Before applying to ComReg for a Radiolocation Licence, applicants should, depending on the frequency band it is proposed to operate in, contact the relevant body as follows:

For Aeronautical bands:

For non-Aeronautical Spectrum:

  • Contact ComReg at to determine what/ if any further approvals may be required.


The fees payable for a Radiodetermination licence are:

  • €500 for a new licence, or
  • €30 for a licence amendment


 (S. I. 369 of 2009) – Wireless Telegraphy (Radiodetermination, Air Traffic and Maritime Services) Regulations, 2009


12/119R1 – Interface Requirements for Aeronautical and Maritime Radio Services in Ireland