Maritime Services

A Maritime Services licence is required for the possession and use of apparatus for wireless telegraphy on the frequencies assigned to the maritime services, where such apparatus is not located on board vessels but is used for land based operations excluding Maritime radionavigation and radiolocation apparatus.

A single Maritime Services Licence will cover a specific geographical location irrespective of the number of systems at that location, provided that all such systems are in the possession of a single person or body. For example, if several systems are located at a particular location and all are owned and operated by one person, then that person will require one Maritime Service Licence which shall cover all of those systems. On the other hand, if a person operates several systems which are located at different locations, then a Maritime Service Licence is required for each location.

“Maritime Services” describes equipment and systems utilising apparatus for wireless telegraphy, operating in the maritime frequency bands not installed on vessels, that are used or intended to be used, in connection with:

  • the safety, security or operation of vessels; or
  • the training of personnel in the maritime mobile service, and excludes public electronic communications networks and radiodetermination services.

There are internationally agreed frequencies set aside for the use of Maritime Services. It is within these unique parts of the radio spectrum that ComReg will issue licences.

Under the ITU Radio Regulations all persons using apparatus for wireless telegraphy for the Maritime Services must be properly qualified to agreed standards. It is the responsibility of the licensee to ensure that access to, and control of, licensed apparatus is restricted to those persons who are duly authorised and qualified. In particular, all licensed apparatus must not interfere with any emergency or distress system.

The licensing process will be co-ordinated with the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) and the Commissioners of Irish Lights (CIL), as appropriate.


More information can be found in our guidelines document – Radiodetermination, Air Traffic and Maritime Services Licence Guidelines – 11/07R2.

Application Form

To apply for a licence please download the Maritime Services Application Form – 11/07eR1.

Applications should be submitted via email to


The fees payable for a Maritime Services Licence are:

  • New Application €500
  • Licence Amendment €30


 (SI369of2009) – Wireless Telegraphy (Radiodetermination, Air Traffic and Maritime Services) Regulations, 2009