Who we are and what we do

The Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) is the statutory body responsible for the regulation of the electronic communications sector (telecommunications, radio-communications and broadcasting transmission) and the postal sector.  We are the national regulatory authority for these sectors in accordance with EU law which is subsequently transposed into Irish legislation.  ComReg was established on 1 December 2002 and is led by a Commission of up to three Commissioners.

Under the Communications Regulation Act (as amended) ComReg has a range of functions and objectives in relation to the provision of electronic communications networks, electronic communications services and post. ComReg has surveillance and enforcement responsibilities in relation to radio equipment regulation, and regulation of devices relating to electromagnetic compatibility.

These include:

  • Ensuring compliance by operators with obligations
  • Promoting competition
  • Contributing to the development of the internal market
  • Promoting the interests of users within the European Community
  • Ensuring the efficient management and use of the radio frequency spectrum and numbers from the national numbering scheme
  • Promoting the development of the postal sector and, in particular, the availability of a universal service
  • Protecting the interests of end users of premium rate services

The Commission, with the Leadership Team, is responsible for the strategic and operational management of the organisation.  ComReg depends on the efforts of all of our staff (including lawyers, economists, engineers, accountants, business analysts and administrative specialists) to deliver on our mission and meet our regulatory objectives.

ComReg operates as a collegiate body, with decisions taken collectively by the Commissioners.  We see this as important in fulfilling the spirit of the Communications Regulation Act 2002 (as amended), which established the Commission.  ComReg consists of four Divisions (Corporate Services, Market Framework, Retail & Consumer Services and Wholesale), supported by a Director of Legal Services & General Counsel and a Director of Strategy & Economics.  The structure is based on cross-functional teams operating in a multi-disciplinary environment.



ComReg is an organisation which has a wide range of responsibilities in telecommunications (or electronic communications services and networks as it is more accurately described), posts and spectrum management as provided for in the Communications Regulation Act 2002 (as amended).

Our objectives are set out in line with both primary and secondary legislation, and this legislative framework continues to evolve. In 2007, ComReg’s responsibilities and powers, as well as available enforcement measures, were augmented by the Communications Regulation (Amendment) Act 2007. In particular, ComReg was granted Competition Act powers in relation to electronic communications and services. The Communications Regulation (Premium Rate Services & Electronic Communications Infrastructure) Act 2010 transferred responsibility for the regulation of premium rate services to ComReg and ComReg commenced regulation of this area in July 2010. Postal Regulation is subject to the Communication Regulation (Postal Services) Act 2011.

In summary, ComReg fulfils the following roles for promoting competition, for protecting consumers and for encouraging innovation.

Protecting and Informing Consumers

This role covers both business and residential consumers, as well as major consumer representative organisations, and will span telecommunications, spectrum licensing operations and postal services. It includes all regulatory developments which affect retail consumers, including the application of the consumer protection provisions of the 2011 Universal Service Regulations and the European Electronic Communications Code and Postal Directives. The Commission provides proactive consumer information measures, such as consumer guides and comparative pricing Websites, and implements a consumer care function on behalf of all consumers of electronic communications and services.

Promotion of Competition

This involves setting rules for effective competition in relation to market access and the conduct of operators with significant market power, including compliance monitoring and enforcement activities as appropriate. It also involves effective management of the spectrum and numbering resources as essential inputs in the supply of services in electronic communications markets.  The intention in promoting competition is to ensure that the market delivers innovation and the greatest possible choice of wholesale and retail operators.  This is achieved through monitoring markets to identify and understand any market failure, thereby enabling targeted intervention which at facilitating competition.


Encouraging Innovation

This role covers both regulatory innovations, such as implementation of market reviews under the new European Electronic Communications Code Directive, and technical innovations. The role covers the revision of ComReg’s spectrum strategy, new initiatives in the wireless licensing area, and the promotion of Ireland as a test bed for innovative uses of spectrum. It also covers the maintenance and development of a forward-looking electronic communications strategy, taking into account new technical, economic and regulatory trends. The evolution of postal services and the associated regulatory framework is also covered and a forward looking strategy is maintained and developed for this sector


Corporate Plans and Strategies


Annual Report


Corporate Governance

Corporate governance documents are available below:

Code of Business Conduct including Conflict of Interest

Code of Financial Management


Organisation Structures

ComReg Employee Salary Ranges 31.06.2019
Range (€’000) #
20-40 13
40-60 39
60-80 42
80-100 21
100-140 13
140+ 8


ComReg Contact Details

Commission for Communications Regulation,
One Dockland Central,
Guild Street,
D01 E4X0.

Tel: 018049600

Consumer Contact Details

Text – Send a text with the word COMREG to 51500 (standard SMS rates apply*).

Consumers issues consumerline@comreg.ie

Email – Industry Issues industry@comreg.ie

Tel: 018049668

FOI Contact Details

Information Access Executive,
Commission for Communications Regulation,
One Dockland Central,
Guild Street,

email: foi@comreg.ie

Tel: 018049769


Customer Charter

The delivery of effective, quality customer service is a priority area for the Commission for Communications Regulation.

The purpose of this Customer Charter is to set out in clear and unambiguous terms how we intend to ensure that we can continue to provide all our customers with the highest possible level of service. It outlines our commitment to the provision and delivery of customer service and how our performance in this respect will be measured and evaluated.

ComReg Customer Charter